All about Microbial Control

Safety & Performance

Safety and performance are at the core of the microbial control industry. Microbial control technologies are therefore the subject of extensive research, testing and registration.

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Safe use

Microbial control technology is widely used in our homes, businesses and in our everyday lives.

However, as these products are intended to control a wide variety of harmful or unwanted organisms, it is important that safeguards are followed to ensure they are used without causing harm to people, the environment or wildlife.

Handle with Care

Many of the substances used for microbial control purposes are regarded as hazardous, which is hardly surprising as their purpose is to control the growth of microorganisms. But handled with care and used according to the instructions on the packaging, they can be used safely to provide significant benefits.

Microbial control technology has evolved considerably over recent years, and the products used are required to meet very strict safety and environmental standards.
The use of microbial control products in Europe is strictly regulated under the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). The BPR aims to provide the highest degree of protection for humans and the environment.

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The regulatory framework for microbial control products is quite extensive in the EU and North America. That being said, it’s constantly being further developed and changed. Meanwhile, other regions of the world such as Korea, Brazil, India, Mexico or/and China are using those frameworks as models while developing their own.