Building and construction for a more sustainable future

The building and construction sector is an excellent example of how microbial control products are being used very effectively to help us build a more sustainable future.
Microbial control products offer protection for building materials, as well as quick clean-up of contaminated process water and raw materials.

Paints and Coatings

Microbial control products also protect interior and exterior paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, plastics and plastic composites and wood from the damaging effects of mold, mildew, fungi, algae and other organisms.

Without the targeted use of microbial control products water-based paints, coating, and sealants would not be available.

The treatments for paints are especially important because changes to our climate and the increased use of insulation materials in our homes, facilitate growth of microorganisms on the exterior walls of our houses.

Economic Damage

In Germany alone, the economic damage of microbial induced aesthetic defacement and bio corrosive deterioration is estimated to be between €8 billion and €16 billion per year1.

In many European countries, architects and building companies are legally obliged to provide buildings for their clients that are free of defects, which include coatings free of microbial-infestation, both on the interior as well as the exterior.

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1 Source: Warscheid, Th. (1996) Impacts of microbial biofilms in the deterioration of inorganic building materials and their relevance for the conservation practice, Internationale Zeitschrift für Bauinstandsetzen 2 (6), 493-504.