Laundry Care

Supporting the Trend for Washing Laundry at Low Temperatures

We are increasingly realizing that washing laundry at low temperatures has huge benefits, not just in terms of energy savings but also on CO2 emissions. Washing at lower temperatures also helps maintain the aesthetics of clothes and prolongs their useful life. For more information, please see the website 'I prefer 30 degrees'.

But to effectively control harmful microbes, laundry historically had to be washed at temperatures above 600C or with detergents containing bleach. However, these bleach-based detergents cannot be used with colored fabrics, and research has shown that the risk of malodor-generating microorganisms increases when textiles are washed with color detergents at temperatures below 400C1.

Some of the latest low-temperature detergents and special disinfecting after-rinses are using specially formulated biocides that are safe to use but which reduce microorganisms during laundering. It is yet another good example of how microbial control is being used to benefit our everyday lives and the environment in which we live.

1 Source: S. Munk et al., J Surf and Det (2001), 4 (4), 385-394