On 13 October, members of the European construction value chain came together in Brussels to discuss the sector’s future. In coming months, the European Union is expected to strengthen its commitment to more sustainable buildings and construction. Renovation and innovative technologies should therefore play an increasing role.

Microbial control can contribute to more sustainable buildings and renovation, particularly in the areas of paints, wood treatments and anti-corrosion solutions. Microbial control technologies are commonly used to combat microbiologically induced corrosion, which can weaken equipment and create safety and environmental hazards. To ensure more sustainable and energy efficient homes, all equipment must maintain its qualities for as long as possible. Also, microbial control products play a dual role in paints: helping them last longer in the can and protecting the material to which the paint is applied.

In the next few months, the European construction sector will engage and advocate for sustainable solutions. Microbial control can play a key role in this effort.