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The Microbial Control Executive Council or MCEC, is an initiative of the world’s leading companies developing and supplying microbial control technology and solutions.


MCEC member organizations are committed to the betterment of public health and wellbeing through the advancement of sustainable microbial control technologies.

Microbial control is needed for an array of different applications such as preventing paints from breaking down during storage, losing all viscosity, texture and adhesion ability. Yet, by and large, people know very little about these technologies. 

In addition to this, serious misconceptions about microbial control technologies exist. This is why MCEC is dedicated to educating different stakeholders to ensure the continued availability of microbial control technologies.

In 2012, MCEC was established in order to promote the safe and effective use of microbial control technologies. MCEC was originally made up of five members, Lanxess, Lonza, Troy, DuPont and BASF; and in 2016 we were very happy to welcome our newest member, ICL. In creating the MCEC we envisioned creating a reference point for stakeholders and the public alike to understand the benefits of microbial control technologies and the steps being taken to ensure the use of more sustainable biocides across all applications.

The Members of the MCEC are:



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