The MCEC seeks to inform its stakeholders on how to best comply with these legislative requirements. It is the role of the MCEC not only to promote and support the introduction of improved regulations that ensure the safety of the environment and human health, but also to maintain high quality paints, coatings and all other materials in which antimicrobials are used. The MCEC aims to raise awareness of the work carried out by industry and the lengths it must go to ensure the high quality of biocidal applications. The expensive and time-consuming nature of investing in the creation of a new active substance can often be overlooked. Biocide producers are exposed to significant economic and competitive risks when they enter into the process of innovating new products. However, given the system of EU chemicals legislation, companies run the risk of entering into a lengthy and expensive innovation process without any guarantee that their new product will pass the severe scrutiny of the approval process in the future.

MCEC members consistently subject their antimicrobial technologies to stringent research and testing. However, due to the often-burdensome nature of chemicals regulation, it has become difficult for biocide producing companies to justify investing in the innovation of new active substances. This is a problematic trend because without the continued production of high-quality biocides, alongside the continued removal from the market of existing biocides as a result of EU legislation, the availability of effective chemicals is dwindling. As a result of this, we are facing the problem of having low quality materials at our disposal. This may result in the deterioration of paints and coatings on several different applications, ultimately leading to increased waste and products being landfilled or incinerated. Antimicrobial technologies are part of the solution to the development of a sustainable and greener economy. Biocides help manage energy costs, reduce waste by increasing the durability of products and help keep the EU’s citizens safe. The MCEC encourages policymakers to take a holistic approach to regulating biocides and welcomes an open discussion with authorities about the challenges ahead.