In addition to protecting us in our homes, microbial control products such as disinfectants are widely used in many public environments – from offices, schools and hospitals to restaurants, supermarkets and public transport. Antimicrobials are used to protect against spreading germs almost anywhere especially where there can be a risk of cross contamination, transferring bacteria from one source to another.  Microbes present on the hands are one of the main sources for the transfer of pathogens. Viruses and bacteria are spread not just by hand-to-hand contact but also by hand-to-surface contact. These bacteria and viruses are often found in high numbers and our skin naturally helps them to thrive, some for well over two hours. Hand washing and hand disinfection are therefore critical hygiene methods to reduce the spread of infectious diseases. In many daily situations, hand washing is a sufficient measure. But in health care settings and at home when there is a risk of infection being passed among family members, disinfectant hand wash and alcohol-based hand rub formulations are recommended and provide a superior method of microbial control.