Maintaining a high degree of hygiene, by eliminating harmful bacteria and other organisms, is essential for safeguarding our ready, plentiful and affordable supply of food. Food safety is critical to the health and well-being of people everywhere. The top causes of foodborne illness outbreaks can be reduced through effective cleaning and sanitizing.

Modern microbial control technology is used to produce the disinfectants and sanitizers that help the food processing chain remain safe and clean:

  • Microbial control products safely and effectively help protect animal and food production facilities against viruses that can be deadly to animals. Hygiene solutions help prevent disease outbreaks by targeting harmful pathogens before they spread.
  • Sanitising irrigation water used on crops.
  • Cleaning food containers and packaging.

By applying microbial control technologies, safer food, with a longer shelf-life, can reach consumers. This  contributes to consumers’ trust in the products they eat, reducing waste and keeping acceptably low prices.