Microbial control technologies can both stabilise a can of paint before its application and protect the material to which the paint is applied.

Surface treatments via paint are especially important because changes to our climate and the increased use of insulation materials in our homes facilitate growth of microorganisms on the exterior walls of our houses. In Germany alone, the economic damage of microbial induced aesthetic defacement and bio corrosive deterioration is estimated to be between €8 billion and €16 billion per year.

In many European countries, architects and building companies are legally obliged to provide buildings for their clients that are free of defects, which include coatings free of microbial-infestation, both the interior and exterior walls.

Beyond using paints as microbial control technology, the adhesives and sealants, plastic and wood used in the construction of our homes and offices can also be treated with microbial control technologies to protect them from the damaging effects of mould, mildew, fungi, algae and other organisms.