Wooden furniture and timber are present in our homes in everything from window frames and wooden paneling to the very structure of the buildings themselves. Microbial control solutions in the form of wood preservatives make their contribution to sustainable use by prolonging the working life of treated wood. As the wood lasts much longer, it means fewer trees need to be chopped down, allowing more sensible use and management of our natural and limited resources.

To properly protect wood that is used in and around our homes, it is necessary to provide cost-effective, long-term protection against a wide spectrum of microbes—including algae and fungi. Microbial control products extend the life of lumber by controlling the rot that can result from fungi, mould and mildew. Timber treated with preservatives can last many years, even when it is subject to the rigors of harsh climates, specific environmental conditions (e.g. proximity to the sea) and extensive use.